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"Martin Simon is writing about a quiet revolution. We all have some time and some skills; we could all exchange and share what we have, and use our collective skills and energy to transform our communities. The sense of being able to make a real difference to everyone's lives by working together makes people feel fulfilled. Within communities, people volunteer to help each other, and also expect others to volunteer to help them at some stage in return. It's a way of caring for each other in practical ways, and a way of strengthening the huge resources all communities have to offer, if they were only able to release their energy and skills. This is about a way of organising ourselves that should change us forever, and Martin Simon's book both inspires us as readers, and tells us just how to do it."
Baroness Julia Neuberger
Social Reformer

"Timebanking is an innovation whose time has come. If you want to learn about what Big Society represents on the front line, in neighbourhoods, and in people's lives - this book is a great place to start. And as you read it you realise that the society we could build through this approach goes beyond simplistic stereotypes about pure voluntary action or the nature and size of state funding, and takes us to a place of true mutual exchange in which community is strengthened, public services enhanced, and a stake built up for all - whatever your background and level of income."
Lord Nat Wei
Social Entrepreneur

For too long the focus has been on measuring wealth in terms of economic growth, whilst ignoring the wealth that exists in communities, in the natural world around us and in each individual. Martin Simon’s book is a timely reminder of the need to redress the balance. He not only introduces Timebanking as one of the innovative ways to help make that shift, he also explains why it is important to build a strong and caring social environment – and demonstrates  that we all have something valuable  to offer to the process".
Caroline Lucas
Green MP

"I see truckloads of innovations for improving society, but very few revolutions. Time banking is one. Co-operative at heart, time banking turns your sense of how we live and what we value upside down. This is not a book just for reading. It is one for throwing over ramparts and stealing into the citadels of power."
Ed Mayo
Secretary General of Co-operatives UK

"Now that our banks have been shown to be too big to fail, it's time  for some economic ideas small enough to succeed. The re-thinking in these pages is proof of the possibilities, when we start considering what our communities need (and our psyches as well!)"
Bill McKibben
Author and Environmentalist

"In our increasingly atomised consumer culture, initiatives which aim to re-bind communities, and allow people once again to connect to a sense of place and belonging are crucial. This important book shows how timebanking can be part of the process of re-learning how to live as rounded human beings."
Paul Kingsnorth
Author and Social Activist

"Timebanks are blazing a trail for a different kind of economy that’s based on mobilising social wealth as well as more traditional economic assets, and that’s based around relationships rather than commodities.   I’m convinced that this kind of economy is set to grow, thanks to factors ranging from demography to climate change, and that pioneers like Martin Simon deserve the strongest backing."
Geoff Mulgan,
Director of the Young Foundation

"Time Banking ought to be at the top of every person’s list of strategies to restore community in a modern age.  It has the potential to transform lives and whole neighborhoods.  This book tells us how."  
Shirley Sagawa
Author and Political Advisor to Hilary Clinton

"Timebanking provides the equivalent of our capillary veins in our blood
They may not replace an aorta, but volume is not their role.
They provide nutrition to the smallest cells, and the warmer colours to
the community in their neighborhood.
Bernard Lietaer
Author and Currency Expert

“Time Banking is a proven model for improving lives and communities. TimeBankers from around the world appreciate Martin Simon’s ability to articulate the power of the movement and the lives it has changed”.
Mashi Blech
Director of VNS New York

"Rarely can a book have been written with a passion for Timebanking, which coincides with its relevance and importance today and for the battle of ideas for society."
George Thomson
Chief Executive, Volunteer Development Scotland

"Martin Simon warns us of the danger of becoming passive spectators, ever more anonymous and disconnected. When asked to convey the message of timebanking Martin replied “relationships, relationships, relationships”.
Geoff Thomas
Chief Executive Timebanking Wales

"Martin Simon has written the definitive guide to time banking in the UK.  It is a fascinating glimpse into the future of our public services and our society."
David Boyle
Author and Fellow of New Economics Foundation