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The House by the Side of the Road


Notes from John Mcknight’s opening remarks in Nova Scotia, July 2009.

There is a new worldwide movement developing, made up of people with a different vision for their local communities.

It is a hand made, home made vision. And, wherever we look it is a culture that starts the same way.

First, we see what we have – individually, as neighbours and in this place of ours.

Second, we know that the power of what we have grows from creating new connections and relationships among and between what we have.

Third, we know that these connections happen when we individually or collectively act to make the connections – they don’t just happen by themselves.

We also know that these three steps can often be blocked by great corporate, governmental, professional and academic institutions. They often say to us, “you are inadequate, incompetent, problematic or broken. We will fix you”.

We ignore these voices and strive to be citizens – people with the vision and power to create a culture of community capacity, connection and care.

Locally we are the site of care. Institutions can only offer service – not care. We cannot purchase care. Care is the freely given commitment from the heart of one to another. As neighbours, we care for each other. We care for children. We care for our elders. And it is this care that is the basic power of a community of citizens. Care cannot be provided, managed or purchased from systems.     

Fortunately, at the heart of our movement are three universal and abundant powers.

The giving of gifts – the gifts of the people in our neighbourhoods are boundless

The power of association – in association we join our gifts together and they become amplified, magnified, productive and celebrated.

Hospitality – we welcome strangers because we value their gifts and need to share our own.

There is no limit to our gifts, our associations and our hospitality.


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