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Inspiring Ideas : Videos



Inspiring Ideas : Videos

Here are four brilliant videos by friends and colleagues who have repeatedly inspired us with their original and brilliant ideas about social change.
First, my mentor Edgar Cahn talking about time banking and sharing his thoughts about what sort of a world we really want to leave behind
Then Clay Shirky on his vision of an exciting future for social networks and communities that are driven by a powerful combination of 'technology and generosity'. I love the story of the Day Centre in Israel – profound.
Followed by Brene Brown's delightful TedTalk about the need for us to stop 'controlling and predicting' and the urgent necessity to 'let our true selves be seen' – as she says, it takes courage, compassion and connection.
Finally, a presentation on strength based people powered change by my friend and current business partner Cormac Russell from Nurture Development UK – we have what we need if we use what we have.

Martin Simon - August 2011.

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